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Ordinem is a new trading card game that builds upon the best battle card games in the market, such as Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, where we want you to own your cards. Players will utilise cards from each each of the 5 'orders' of magic to cast spells, summon followers, craft magical artefacts and weave enchantments to defeat other players. Players will be given base decks that have free cards, and will be able to build upon these decks from playing and winning or by purchasing card-packs on the PLAYA3ULL GAMES marketplace with 3ULL coin.

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In an interstellar command center, Lieutenant Aden, a seasoned scientist whose background was in Biology and Herbology, prepared to brief Commander Seraph of the International Forces for the first time. Though the research had been kept under wraps for years, the urgency of the situation demanded his attention.

"Commander," Aden began, trying to balance the gravity of the situation with a more digestible tone, "I understand this will be the first time you have heard of these new phenomena, so let me explain the basics. We have discovered and been able to decipher an ancient text that explains several secrets to the universe. What we have thought of up till now as Dark Matter is closer to what fantasy stories would call Mana. A substance that is the basis of, or you could say, fuel for all magic. In our case, it is the basis of the universe itself.

Threads are the first level of an organised form of this mana. They can be found in five colors, each connected to a specific aspect of the universe. Purple for death, green for life, blue for the manipulation of matter, red for raw energy and chaos, and white for celestial energies.

Over millennia, Threads can converge naturally and intertwine to form “Weaves”, a stronger form. Threads may also be manipulated by some gifted people to create the 'Weaves.”

Seraph, sat quietly, thinking, then asked, "And where do these Weaveways come in?"

Adept continued, "Weaveways are ancient, created by a long-lost civilization eons ago. A Weaveway is like a highway between galaxies. In short, fast travel with little cost. It is an immense structure of woven Weaves that we have no idea how to recreate or repair. But we can tell that someone did, as Weaveways do not form naturally.”

The commander's eyes widened, grasping the magnitude of the discovery. "So, these Weaveways are the key to rapid interstellar travel?"

Lieutenant Aden nodded, “Yes, and a living example of how to magnify the use of Weaves into anything we want!”

He paused, stowing away his excitement at those opportunities and his expression turned somber. "Many great opportunities are now available to us, but there's a pressing concern. The Weaveways have begun to deteriorate at an alarming rate. It's almost as if some force is deliberately destroying them."

With a newfound understanding and a hint of humor, Commander Seraph smiled, "Ah, and here we arrive at the real reason why our forces will be needed. To protect these new opportunities for wealth and power."


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