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What is 3ull coin?

3ULL Coin is built on Avalanche Subnet technology, and is the core asset of the new PLAYA3ULL GAMES Marketplace.

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max supply

50,000,000,000 Max Supply of 3ULL Coins. There will only ever be 50,000,000,000 3ULL Coins. Coins are distributed daily through the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Master Nodes.


Master Nodes

All coins come into the world through the Master Nodes. Coins are divided equally between Node Owners. Nodes are limited in supply, there will only ever be 50,000 Master Nodes.


Earn 3ULL

13,698,630 coins per day released through the nodes. 50% divided equally amongst the node owners (6,849,315) and 50% to the company for running operations.


Fair Launch

5,000,000,000 (5 billion) 3ULL Coins come into existence through the Master Nodes each year for 10 years, resulting in a Total MAX Supply of 50,000,000,000 (50 billion) 3ULL.

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Discover the core of our ecosystem where the PLAYA3ULL GAMES blockchain powers all transactions and operations. Learn about gas fees, node payouts, and more.

NFT Sales and Microtransactions with 3ULL Token

Explore how the 3ULL token is used for NFT sales and microtransactions within our gaming ecosystem. Dive into our collection of unique digital assets.

HODL Competition

Participate in our HODL competition, where you can stake 3ULL tokens without any lockup requirements. Earn rewards and compete with others for prizes.

Nexus Skin Rewards

Hold a million 3ULL tokens to gain access to our exclusive 3ULL skin. Elevate your in-game experience with these unique cosmetics.

Playa3ull Marketplace

Visit our marketplace to buy, sell, and trade various in-game items and assets. Discover a thriving ecosystem of virtual goods and services.

Customizable PFP 3ULL

Create your own personalized and customizable 3ULL profile picture (PFP). Express yourself uniquely within our community.

VI3 Membership

Unlock a plethora of benefits by purchasing a VI3 Membership. Enjoy exclusive privileges and advantages within our ecosystem.

Node Ownership

Explore the advantages of owning a node within our network. Learn about the benefits and opportunities associated with node ownership.

Rewards, Prizes, and Giveaways

Stay engaged and participate in our rewarding events, contests, and giveaways. Win exciting prizes and be part of our vibrant community.

Supply and Demand

The 3ULL coin is the lifeblood of the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem, serving a multitude of functions within the gaming world. The decision to have a total supply of 50 billion coins, distributed over a span of ten years, is strategic and akin to the way traditional fiat currencies, like the U.S. dollar (USD), operate.

Consider the analogy of the USD: The U.S. government prints more money as the economy grows, ensuring that there's enough currency in circulation to facilitate trade, investment, and economic expansion. Similarly, the 3ULL coin's initial abundant supply is essential to meet the growing demands of the expanding PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem.

As we develop and release more games, each with its unique in-game economy and utilization of the 3ULL coin, the demand for this cryptocurrency should rise organically. Gamers will need 3ULL coins for various purposes, such as acquiring in-game assets, participating in game-related activities, and trading on the marketplace. Just as the USD becomes more desirable as its circulation increases, the 3ULL coin's utility and value grow with its broader adoption.

In essence, the 3ULL coin's supply is a strategic move to ensure enough liquidity and accessibility for our gaming ecosystem. It provides the flexibility required to meet the evolving needs of players, traders, and the community as a whole. It is purposely staggered (5 billion a year for ten years) to grow as more games join our ecosystem. And, the more users that embrace the possibilities of PLAYA3ULL GAMES the 3ULL coin's utility will continue to expand, making it a fundamental element in the future of gaming.




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early access

One of the most often heard laments in the crypto world is, “I wish I had got in at the beginning!” At PLAYA3ULL, we are conducting a “Fair Launch” so that anyone, no matter where you’re from or what you do, can participate in the PLAYA3ULL ecosystem and be rewarded for the early support.


own a node

When buying Nodes in Blockchains there are two main questions to ask. What is the purpose of the blockchain and is there a need for it? The beauty of the Gaming industry is that it is growing year on year. At present it is almost twice as large as the Movie Industry and the Music Industry combined. In fact if you check out gaming crypto companies, the majority of them are finding traction and growing


earn 3ull coins

By being a PLAYA3ULL GAMES Node owner, you have the chance to save up a large sum of 3ULL coins. As the word spreads and PLAYA3ULL GAMES starts to become more recognised, the value of the 3ULL coin should rise. As in all these cases we can’t make financial promises, but we all know that EVERYTHING that is big today started out as something new and small. Remember, you could mine Bitcoin on a laptop and they paid 50 Bitcoin rewards every 10 minutes.


be involved

This is a chance to be involved in something from the early days. Most of us hear about things years after they started. Most of us wish that we had known about Bitcoin or Ethereum, or even Gala Games when they first launched. Now is YOUR chance to get in on something BIG at the beginning. We have built a model that funds the company early and allows us to hire the best game developers in the industry.


PLAY3ULL Nodes are now $0 USD, buy a node to earn 3ull coins daily

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