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What is 3ull coin?

3ULL coin is a token based on Avalanche blockchain technology, known for its superior speed and scalability. It’s the core asset of the new PLAYA3ULL GAMES Marketplace. Every game in the ecosystem will use the 3ULL coin, providing ongoing utility and new use cases as more games launch each year.

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Max Supply 50,000,000,000

There will only ever be this number of 3ULL coins. Coins are distributed daily through the PLAYA3ULL Master Nodes.


Earn 13,698,630 3ULL Daily

Coins are released daily through the Master Nodes. 50% divided amongst the Node Owners (6,849,315). 50% to the company for running operations.


Fair Launch over 10 Years

Master Nodes will distribute 5 billion 3ULL coins each year for 10 years. This will result in a total max supply of 50 billion 3ULL.

Learn more about 3ULL coin and blockchain Clicking here

3ull token


Discover the core of PLAYA3ULL’s ecosystem. The PLAYA3ULL GAMES blockchain powers all transactions and operations. Learn about Node payouts, gas fees and more.


Discover the core of our ecosystem where the PLAYA3ULL GAMES blockchain powers all transactions and operations. Learn about gas fees, node payouts, and more.


Visit our marketplace to buy, sell, and trade various in-game items and assets. Discover a thriving ecosystem of virtual goods and services.

Node Ownership

Explore the advantages of owning a node within our network. Learn about the benefits and opportunities associated with node ownership.

3ULL Token

Explore how the 3ULL token is used for NFT sales and microtransactions within our gaming ecosystem. Dive into our collection of unique digital assets.


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early access

Are you tired of missing out on the next big thing in the crypto world? Do you wish you had gotten in at the beginning of popular projects? With PLAYA3ULL GAMES, you have the opportunity to do just that!

At PLAYA3ULL GAMES, Fair Launch means anyone can participate in the PLAYA3ULL ecosystem and receive rewards for early support. It doesn't matter where you're from or what you do - everyone is welcome to join the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem and reap the benefits of being an early adopter.

own a node

The ever-growing gaming industry is now almost twice as large as the movie industry and the music industry combined. Gamers worldwide are on the hunt for entertaining games that offer earning potential, leading to a projected high demand for Master Nodes to support the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem.

Setting up a Master Node is straightforward and does not require a lot of technical expertise. Running a Master Node will enable you to automatically contribute to vital functions such as decentralised blockchain indexing, blockchain querying and IFPS storage on a peer-to-peer decentralised network, all of which contribute to shaping the future of the gaming industry. With the rising demand for decentralised services, there are boundless opportunities to earn rewards.

earn 3ull coin

Unlock multiple opportunities to earn 3ULL coin in the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem. The simplest approach is to run a Master Node and earn 3ULL coin daily. However, the most popular and exciting way is to play games like Nexus, which are free-to-play and available to everyone with a PC that meets the minimum requirements. You can start earning 3ULL coin today. Imagine the possibilities of being here early and amassing these coin that fuel the entire PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem before the next crypto bull run.

be involved

Align with a talented and experienced team set to innovate the gaming industry. With dedicated leaders who value community engagement, commitment to delivering the best possible experience to users is paramount. Actively seeking feedback on Discord, you have the opportunity to interact and help shape the future of gaming. Much like the missed opportunities with Bitcoin and Ethereum at their launch, many regret not being part of it. Now, you have the chance to join this groundbreaking journey from the start and make a significant impact on the gaming industry.


PLAYA3ULL Nodes are now $0 USD, buy a node to earn 3ull coins daily

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