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This stylish Survival Game is unique in its character design being a combination of Canine and Human DNA. The ensuing DOGS OF WAR characters are a visual feast and create a very entertaining gameplay and character nature. Inspired by legendary games such as DayZ and Rust, DOGS OF WAR is a fast-paced, perfect gameplay combination of survival against the elements (and other critters!) plus PVP conflict. Collect NFTs and trade these on the PLAYA3ULL GAMES marketplace to improve your 3ULL holdings. Earn 3ULL via regular competitions and your NFT trades.

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The last structured society existed in the mid-2020s. The decade started with the world rallying together to overcome Corona Virus. Mass lockdowns caused society to creak and put the world into an economic recession that led to the Last War. It happened quickly. Started by Morrocco running out of water and invading Portugal. Sides were chosen and the soldiers marched, first Spain then France then all of Europe came to Portugal's defense. To Morroccos's side came the African and Arab nations and soon America and even New Zealand were moving troops to enter the war. But before it could escalate a new chemical weapon was released in Morrocco and that mutated Corona Virus into Corona 718 which was the beginning of civilizations' end.

Corona 718 it had a death rate of 97% and didn't discriminate between race, age or sex. If you got it you rolled the dice and knew the answer within 3 days. There were two outcomes. The first was the best, you died. The second was you sort of lived on as a gross dead version of yourself with only two goals, to consume others or infect more. Before the month was over Africa and Europe's combined population was down to mere thousands.

On the other side of the world in Canada, a Doctor Scientist named Harrison was not enjoying life in prison for conducting non-sanctioned experiments combining Dog DNA with Humans. Harrison had thought to take the robust canine immune system and bolster the human one to once and for all wipe out Corona. However, a small but powerful group of wealthy industrialists had been watching his progress, ready to rush for patents if he had succeeded. Then the news came out that several of the unwitting test subjects (Who happened to come from Algeria) were among the few thousand Africans alive. Promptly, the group met and arranged for Professor Harrison to be liberated from jail and installed in a secret bunker in Southern Chilli where he was told he had carte blanche to combine canine and human DNA. Using several new techniques he had dreamed up in jail, the work moved forward at lightening pace.Within a few months, he had a solution... but it created a new race.

The new race was called Canis Sapiens but most of the group called themselves Doggos. The good part was, that they were immune to 718. As is humanities way, the group waited. Only sharing the DNA transformation with close relatives and friends and selling it to several key figures across the world to make sure they were rich enough to rebuild after it was all over.

The war raged. Countries fell and within six months the world was left with less than 200,000 humans. Within 200 years they were all gone and the only survivors were zombies and around 3000 Doggos.

Doggos bred with Doggos and Zombies fed on humans first but then animals. Unfortunately, they lived a long time, much longer than humans. Over the years the compounds that the rich group had made started to fail and finally broke down. Now it is time to leave and reenter the world. Now it is up to you. As a young Doggo, you need to go out and take the world back!

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