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Build your own empire with STARVIN MARTIAN! This farming style game, located on the red planet, will be a fun, challenging and rewarding player experience. Players start with nothing and through their endeavours, frugality and smart decisions, they will build a life on Mars. Interesting animals, crops and services will feature and the ability to upgrade and own your assets through NFTs, will elevate the opportunity to earn and build your future! Competitions will be staged to find the most advantageous ways to build your farm, with winners being paid in 3ULL coin.

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In the year 2045, and after many years humanity had finally begun its dream of colonizing mars. The first colonists had arrived and began to lay down the foundations, but as the months went by they realized that sustaining life on the barren red planet was much more challenging than they had initially anticipated. Crops began to fail, animals stopped breeding, and the terrain grew ever more hostile and soon everything began to go catastrophically wrong.

With limited resources and out of reach of earth's help, the colonists had to find a way to feed themselves and grow their own food. They started experimenting with different methods of farming but as each new trial failed so did their hope fade. Soon they turned to more desperate measures, for example the infamously outlawed technologies of genome splice. However even these new desperate experiments yielded almost naught, until one final set of tests finally showed some promise. Not combining different plants or animals together, but combining cosmic matter itself with these products. And it worked, much to the surprise of the colonists who now had glowing ‘galaxy grain’ growing in their labs.

With the help of this peculiar yet effective breakthrough in agriculture and farming, the first Martian farmers were able to finally establish a fully self-sustaining colony on the red planet.

You are one of the pioneering farmers who has been tasked with growing these newly modified crops and farm life on this unforgiving planet. With a limited water supply and harsh environmental conditions, it will be up to you to continue to find innovative ways to cultivate the land and ensure the survival of your colony.

Your mission is to produce enough food and resources to support the growing population on Mars, while also uncovering the mysteries of this new world. As you explore the planet, you will encounter new challenges and opportunities.

To succeed in your farming and harvesting endeavors, you will need to manage your resources carefully, optimize your farming techniques, and invest in new technologies. As you progress, you will unlock new tools and upgrades to help you in your farming and harvesting efforts.

Whether you are a seasoned farmer or a newcomer to the trade, the challenges and rewards of Martian agriculture await you. Will you rise to the occasion and become a successful Martian farmer, or will the harsh realities of this new world prove too much for you to handle? The choice is yours in this thrilling farming, Starvin Martian.

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